4th Aachen Internation Summer School

From September 17 to 21 Laura Burbach participated in the 4th Aachen International Summer School. Interesting Topic of the Summer School was „Introduction to Structure Equation  Models (SEM) and Measurement Theory.  Laura learned much about the basics of designing, estimation and interpretation of SEM-models and how to build a SEM-model with the software LISREL.

ESSA Summer School

From August 13 to 17, Laura Burbach participated in the ESSA Summer School in Social Simulation: „Models in the real world“. She received insights in the linking of Agent-Based Models with empirical data and in the way how agents and their decisions and behaviours as well as their environment can be modelled in different kinds (very simple models vs. complex models) of ABMs. Furthermore, she attended many interesting talks and connected with people who are working with ABM as well.

Teilnahme an ESSA Summer School in Social Simulation: “ Models in the real world“

Mit Laura Burbach nimmt ein Mitglied der Nachwuchsforschungsgruppe Digitale Mündigkeit an einer Summer School zum Thema Modelle in der realen Welt teil, in der Agentenbasierte Modelle entwickelt und mithilfe empirischer Daten validiert werden. Die Summer School findet vom 13. bis 17. August 2018 in Växjö in Schweden statt. Wir sind gespannt, was sie von der Summer School berichtet.